It is festive time, time to dedicate to oneself on the most important day. Time for timeless elegance,time is now! The new Andrea Versali men’s ceremony collection spring summer 2023 marks the time of your wedding. New combinations, new patterns and quality fabrics with new accessories will make your wedding day unforgettable.

The twinkling of the lights in the nights of DUBAI, this being the inspiring city, are reflected in the VERSALI 2023, fabrics illuminated by the reflections of all over lurex and jacquard yarns with precious accessories, creating a strong, personal and lively image.

The multiple colours, luxury, architecture and exuberant extravagances of the city enrich the four moods of the collection.

A journey of colours, scents, architectural lines and extravagances such as the marvellous CRESCENT MOON TOWER that encapsulates in a single image this emotional journey of the new men’s ceremony collection 2023 by Andrea Versali.

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