Not sure which dress to choose for your wedding? Discover our men’s formal wear lines for 2023 by Andrea Versali!

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect suit for the groom. With our collection of men’s formal wear for 2023, we want to help you find the suit that will make you feel confident, elegant and in tune with the style of your wedding.

Browse our different lines and find out which one best suits your personality and the theme of your ceremony.

  • Wedding Day line: classic elegance for the refined groomstrong
    If you want a classic and sophisticated style, our Wedding Day line is perfect for you. The dresses in this line are made of high-quality blue and black fabrics and feature satin waistcoats, patterns and contrasting profiles. These subtle details add a touch of sophistication and will make you feel truly special on your wedding day. The Wedding Day line offers a wide variety of cuts and styles to suit personal preferences and the type of ceremony.
  • Wedding Couture line: Eccentricity and originality for a daring groom
    If you love to stand out from the crowd and want a suit that attracts attention, our Wedding Couture line is for you. These dresses are made of bright fabrics and offer unique details such as chains on the waistcoat or jacket to embellish the dress even more. The Wedding Couture line also features a wide range of fabric colours, allowing you to find the perfect combination for your wedding style and theme. This line is designed for the eccentric groom who likes to stand out and wants a suit that is outside the box.
  • Sartorial Tight line: Contemporary style for the modern groom
    If you want a contemporary and formal look, our Sartorial Tight line is the ideal choice. The suits in this line feature the tailcoat, a very formal-looking garment that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wedding outfit. With impeccable cuts and high-quality fabrics, the Sartorial Tight line is perfectly suited to the modern groom who seeks a sophisticated and timeless style. This line offers a selection of dresses distinguished by their impeccable fit and high-class tailoring details.
  • Beach Wedding line: Simplicity and freshness for an informal or beach wedding
    If your wedding takes place on the beach or you want a more informal look, our Beach Wedding line is what you are looking for.

Choosing the right men’s suit for your wedding has never been easier. With our ceremony collection 2023, we have carefully curated several lines of dresses to meet all requirements.

And it doesn’t end there, we also have our KIDS and PETS line.


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