Both in church and in the commune, there will no longer be an obligation for future spouses to wear a mask at the time of the celebration. However, the priest is still instructed to protect the respiratory tract and to keep a distance of at least one metre from the bride and groom. The Italian Bishops’ Conference reported this news. The Scientific Technical Committee states that, “since they certainly cannot be considered as strangers to each other, the spouses may avoid wearing masks, provided that the officiant maintains the use of the respiratory protection device and respects the physical distance of at least one metre”.

However, it is recommended that care be taken and also that the faithful clean their hands before taking the host, and it remains the recommendation of experts to continue to avoid taking Communion directly into the mouth.

In Masses, the moment of Communion is ‘one of the most critical phases’ in the risk of infection, but ‘the incorrect use of gloves can instil a false sense of security’ that can facilitate the spread of the virus rather than prevent it. Without gloves, it will be necessary to pay more attention to the fact that the hands of the celebrant do not come into contact with those of the faithful.


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